image: Where to find the best all-in-one Fremantle wedding venue


Where to find the best all-in-one Fremantle wedding venue

You want your wedding day to be special. So spend your wedding day at Tradewinds and have everything handled for you.

You want your wedding day to be special. Memorable. You want it to go off without a hitch.

But, probably most importantly, you want it to be your day. So it should be easy, stress-free—and hopefully, fun for you too.

Choosing an all-in-one wedding venue is the perfect way to have the best of everything. You can have your wedding ceremony and the reception at the same location, with different spaces suited to each specific part of the proceedings.

Your guests don’t have to travel anywhere, because they’re already there. They simply move smoothly from the ceremony, to classy drinks in between, and on to the reception venue where they can celebrate your marriage in style.

So, let us provide you with an idyllic day right on the water.

A bride and groom enjoying their wedding at Tradewinds Hotel

Tradewinds Hotel is proud to be one of the premier all-in-one Fremantle wedding venues. From breezy rooftop weddings to intimate cocktail affairs, here are four big reasons why we think an all-in-one wedding venue is a great idea—and one that’s sure to take the hassle out of managing your big day.

You simplify your wedding planning process

Planning a wedding is stressful enough as it is. You’ve got so many phone calls to make, a strict schedule to keep, and guests to wrangle. You don’t want that mental load leading up to your wedding day.

Choosing Tradewinds Hotel as your all-in-one wedding venue in Fremantle takes the hassle out of it. It allows you to only deal with one location: we provide the venues you need, the catering, the room set-up, and the dance floor. Everything is taken care of, so you can sit back, go with the flow, and actually enjoy yourself.

You’ll save time

When you choose an all-in-one wedding venue, you’re only effectively paying for one location, not multiple spaces. And when you organise your wedding at Tradewinds Hotel, we help you out even further. We offer wedding packages that include not just venue hire, but ceremony spaces, catering, stationary, and even accommodation. Not only are you then saving on extra costs, you’re also saving on time and effort, with everything easily arranged and handled for you.

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This also means that you don’t have to worry about getting home after the celebrations are over—you’re already there.

You get a completely personalised experience

As your all-in-one wedding venue, we love nothing more than making your wedding day special. When you choose us, you get allocated your own Event Manager who takes care of the planning for you.

A bride and groom have photos together, with one of Tradewinds' wedding planners overseeing the process
They work with our event planning team to organise all the logistics, catering, and even manage the running of the day. They’ll make sure you get the right food, personalised menus, and organise details like the right chairs, and set the dance floor up the way you want it.

It sounds like the little things—but they’re what a truly personalised experience is all about.

You can even choose to use your own wedding vendors

Some venues require that you use their vendors, locking you in to choices you may not want to make.

At Tradewinds Hotel, while we do have a fantastic set of vendors and on-site support that we can recommend, we also provide you with the flexibility to choose your own. Down to the cutlery and the table arrangements, you can choose the right teams that are going to make your day a success. We do, however, do all catering on-site.

A wedding table arrangement at Tradewinds Hotel

Better yet, your Event Manager can organise them all for you, so you get your wedding day exactly how you want it.

Find out why we’re one of the best-loved wedding venues in Fremantle

Tradewinds Hotel offers a fantastic all-in-one wedding venue package, with the stunning Swan River and Fremantle port as your backdrop.

With a choice of elegant banquet rooms, different ceremony spaces that both enjoy unparalleled views of the water, and sumptuous food and beverage packages that your guests will be talking about for months to come, this is what an all-in-one wedding venue should be.

There’s even an overnight stay included for the happy couple, so you don’t have to worry about getting home, either.

So when you’re looking for Fremantle wedding venues that provide everything for you, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with our experienced event planning team to get started. Simply submit your enquiry form here, or contact us at

We can’t wait to share your day with you.

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