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This report prepared for:

Business name: Tradewinds Hotel

Address: 59 Canning Highway

Town: East Fremantle

Date: 2024-02-09 09:42

The following page provides travellers with information on the businesses facilities and amenities which aims to support the traveller to make an informed decision on whether the business is suitable for their individual needs.


Business Overview

The business has the following products/services available

  • Accommodation

Our business caters for the following disability types:

  • Blind or low vision
  • Deaf or low hearing
  • Limited mobility
  • Wheelchairs or mobility scooters
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Cognitive or people on the Autism Spectrum


The business offers the following methods for bookings and enquiries:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Webportal
  • Our website supports Screen Readers
  • Our forms have high contract boxes and submit boxes

Emergency Management

  • Exit signs are clear and easy to see
  • Exit access is free and clear at all times

We ensure exit access is free and clear at all times by: Signage, hourly staff patrols, cameras

  • Exits and access to exists are greater than 900mm
  • Exit doors are able to be opened by all occupants
  • Exits to the emergency evacuation point does not include stairways
  • The evacuation point is clearly marked by a sign

The business identifies guests who need additional assistance should an emergency occur by: Guest pre-booking notes or staff notes on check-in.

The procedure for assisting guests who need assisted rescue is: Guest with additional assistance needs are tended to us a priority in an evacuation.

  • Guests with disabilities are noted in the guest log book for emergency and evacuation purposes


  • Our business offers the following alternative communication methods
  • Plain English

Written welcome letter and verbal briefing

  • There is easy to read signage and information (e.g. menus and emergency information)

Other Information

For bookings made onsite, the ticket booth/counter/box office is accessible for people using a wheelchair

Guide Dog and Service Animals

  • The business provides a secure area with shade and water for service animals
  • The business provides a toilet area for service animals
  • Bowls, bedding, etc. are provided for service animals

The business provides the following services for services animals: Service pet-friendly rooms with courtyard. Water provided. Shaded areas.


Pre-arrival, arrival and reception

  • The business has the following in place to support guests during pre-arrival, arrival and reception
  • There is a reception/public entryway.
  • Seating available at reception
  • A lower counter at reception/ticket office
  • Lighting in the reception area is even and glare free clip board not required as reception desk has seats and is wheelchair suitable.
  • Information and maps are available in written form
  • A familiarisation tour
  • Advertising material, web sites and social media contain information relating to phone numbers available for non-voice communication e: Text, SMS, email and fax
  • A key to any accessible facilities that are locked
  • Keys are available for each guest
  • Luggage assistance

The following steps are in place to ensure that people with fatigue related to their disability are not disadvantaged by long wait times: Seats in reception area. Priority check-in can be arranged if noted on booking request.

Cognitive Impairment Support

  • Documents are available in plain English for people with cognitive impairment (This may include instructions, guides, menus and general information)

Car Park and Access amenities

The business has the following Car Park and Access amenities:

  • A drop off zone
  • Designated disabled parking bays
  • Level or ramped access from the car park to the entrance
  • The accessible entrance is clearly signed from the parking bay
  • Kerb ramps are in place where a pavement or walkway needs to be crossed


The business has the following amenities/systems in place for entry:

  • A drop off point close to the entrance
  • A path of access to the building is slip resistance and even
  • A path of access to the building is clear of obstruction
  • Self opening entry doors or fitted with a self closer
  • Glass doors are fitted with a visual sighting strip
  • Door jams/doors are of a contrasting colour to surrounding walls
  • Door handles are of a contrasting colour to the door
  • Signage is written in a contrasting colour
  • Signage is written in a Sans Serif font and use upper and lower case letters
  • The entry door is a minimum of 850mm wide
  • The entry door has self opening or a light opening pressure (for manual operations)
  • The entrance sill is less than 13mm
  • There a clear space of at least 1500mm x 1500mm in front of all doors.
  • The entrance door mats have a thickness less than 13mm and a width of 7500mm or greater


The lifts have the following amenities in place:

Lift Location: Lobby

  • This lift is available to all public floors
  • The lift contains a visual method of identifying the floor level
  • The lift doors contrast with the surrounding wall finishes
  • The lift call buttons contrast with the surrounding wall finishes
  • The lift floor buttons have large print numbers
  • The lift buttons have braille floor numbers
  • The lift has an easily identifiable/tactile emergency button
  • The doors open to a clear span of 880mm
  • The minimum size of the lift 1100mm wide by 1400mm deep
  • The control button heights are between 900mm and 1200mm
  • There is a handrail of a minimum length of 600mm

Internal Spaces

  • Clear and unobstructed routes through and between buildings
  • Interior walls are matte or low sheen
  • Floors, walls, counters and furniture are of contrasting colours
  • Any protruding or overhanging obstructions are at least 2 meters above the floor or are protected
  • Tableware/glassware contrast with the table surface or table cloth
  • Floor surfaces are hard or short pile carpet
  • Seating is available for guests unable to stand for long periods
  • Accessible facilities are clearly signed and visible from all areas
  • All corridors greater than 900mm

Public areas

The public areas have the following amenities in place:

  • Even lighting
  • Seating

External Paths

External paths of travel have the following amenities in place:

  • Surfaces are concrete, asphalt, smooth paving or hard packed fine gravel (max aggregate size 13mm)
  • Paths or slopes longer than 15 metres have resting places or seats
  • Pathways are wider than 900mm
  • There 3 successive steps or less on any path or at any doorway


Steps have the following amenities in place:

  • There are steps.
  • Top and bottom steps are easily distinguished through colour contrast or the use of TGSIs (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators)
  • All steps or staircases have enclosed risers
  • The underside of all staircases are enclosed or protected to a height of at least 2 metres
  • Handrails fitted to all open sets of steps
  • Handrails extend 300mm beyond the top and bottom step
  • Where steps are present are there three steps or less


Ramps have the following amenities in place:

  • There are ramps.
  • All fixed ramps are 1:14 or less
  • Hand rails are fitted
  • Long ramps (more than 10m) are 1:20 or less
  • Temporary ramps are available
  • Temporary ramps are in place for the duration of the guests stay
  • Ramps have a raised edge of at least 100mm

Public Toilets/Adult change facilities

Public Toilets/Adult change facilities have the following amenities in place:

  • There is an accessible toilet for public use
  • The door is at least 850mm wide
  • There is a minimum of 850mm beside the toilet
  • Handrails are fitted
  • The toilet seat of a contrasting colour to the floor
  • The toilet seat is460mm above the floor



The bedrooms have the following facilities/amenities in place

  • There are 4 rooms available to guests who use a wheelchair

The following bed types are available in wheelchair accessible rooms

  • One double/queen and one single

Room Amenities

For guests with a hearing impairment, the following emergency evacuation procedures apply to ensure safe evacuation: Front line staff to attend room and notify guest visually to evacuate.

  • Room phones have volume control
  • Room phones have a visual ringing indicator
  • There is contrast between the walls, skirtings, floor and furniture
  • There is a clear path through the room
  • Housekeeping procedures instruct staff not to reposition furniture that has been moved
  • Doors open fully against the adjoining wall
  • There is a clear opening at least 850mm wide
  • There are luggage racks for at least two suitcases
  • Wardrobe and drawer handles are easy to grip
  • The bedside lamp switch is easy to reach from the bed
  • There is at least 850mm clear space beside the bed
  • The bed height is no higher than 680mm from the floor
  • The business offers a range of non-allergenic bedding
  • Non-allergenic cleaning products are used


The bathrooms have the following facilities/amenities in place:

  • All heating appliances and hot water pipes are protected or insulated
  • All shower, bath and basin taps are clearly differentiated between hot and cold
  • The hot water is thermostatically controlled to 41 degrees
  • The door is at least 850mm wide
  • There is a minimum of 850mm beside the toilet
  • Handrails are fitted
  • There is a minimum of 1400mm of clear space in front of the toilet
  • The toilet seat is a contrasting colour to the floor
  • The toilet seat is 460mm above the floor
  • A range of non-allergenic toiletries are available
  • There is a roll-in shower with fold down fixed seat or a shower chair
  • There is a portable shower head on flexible hose

Common Areas

Swimming pools, spas and waterparks

  • The following swimming pools, spas and waterparks amenities are available
  • Unisex change facilities with an accessible toilet

In addition, the following further information can assist guests:

  • Pool on ground floor – no stairs to entry.

Report Disclaimer

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