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How to plan a work Christmas party the whole team will enjoy

Here are our top tips on planning a company Christmas party that everyone will be talking about for weeks after.

Have you been nominated as the party planner for your office’s end-of-year celebration? It can be a stressful role, but the key to creating a memorable work party is to ensure your team is involved and considered in its planning. 

Here are our top tips on planning a company Christmas party that everyone will be talking about for weeks after.


Get all the practical details sorted early

Planning a party (especially by committee) can be a minefield given all the legal and logistical considerations, so you should start early to avoid rushing at the last minute and throwing together a mediocre event.

Once you’ve confirmed your guest list, budget, and dos and don’ts from management, the next step is to gather information about the following:


  • How last year’s party went. This could give you some insight into what should be avoided, improved, or can be repeated again in this year’s party. For example, you could save time searching for a catering company by re-hiring the same ones who did a great job last year.
  • Likes and dislikes. Not everyone is going to like the exact same things, but a good party planner tries to compromise and come up with an activity and venue that everyone can get around.

    To come up with something that is sure to be a crowd pleaser, we recommend conducting a pre-party poll around people’s preferred activities. Maybe someone knows of a cool venue, or a new restaurant has opened up that everyone is lining up to try.

    To narrow things down for a picky team, you could also offer up some set options to choose from, rather than keeping it open to too many suggestions.
  • Food allergies and other dietary restrictions. An obvious but important one not to miss, you should ask people to inform you of any allergies, intolerances, or restrictions they have around food and drink.

    You don’t want to make the non-drinkers feel left out with a free-flowing booze cruise type of event, and you want to ensure the catering team has enough time to prepare a menu that accommodates everyone.
  • Accessibility requirements. If you’ve got a team member who uses a wheelchair, you should check ahead of time that the venue has ramps, doors, toilets, and passageways that they can easily access. For events with a special activity, you should also ensure they will be able to participate safely.
  • Have a back-up plan for inclement weather. Fingers crossed that the summer weather will hold out on the day of your event, but it’s better to be prepared than squashed under a couple of outdoor table umbrellas.

    We recommend talking to the events team at your chosen function venue about the possibility of moving your party inside should it start to rain.

Invest in a quality venue to wow attendees

You want your employees to be talking about your event for all the right reasons, so don’t skimp on the party venue! Some general pointers on choosing a great Christmas party venue are:

  • The venue is easy to get to and accessible for all guests. Sometimes party guests are put off by the prospect of travelling a long way or having to drive and not drink, so you should at least check what public transport options are available nearby or arrange pick-up and drop-off to ensure everyone gets home safely.
  • The venue has an inviting atmosphere with various spaces for people to socialise comfortably together. Try and avoid places that can’t guarantee you a dedicated space or give you little control over noise. Having your conversations drowned out by other noisy parties is a mood-killer.
  • The venue can be set-up and decorated to suit your party’s theme and planned activities. If you’re on a tight budget, enquire whether the venue owners have some equipment for hire, such as speakers, microphones, and DJs. You should physically visit and look around the venue yourself to suss out whether it fits the party theme or can at least be decorated to suit. Check ahead of time what kind of decoration or rearrangement of the space is allowed, as not all venue owners will permit the same things.
  • The venue offers great views, facilities, and a gorgeous interior to make your guests feel special. Set the tone for your Christmas party with an impressive-looking venue that guests will be excited to attend. At the Tradewinds Hotel, we have a diverse range of Christmas function venues, the most popular of all being our Rooftop Terrace.Guests can enjoy stunning Swan River views and a sunset if your party continues on into the night. For a banquet-style event, there’s room for 150, and a cocktail event can hold up to 220 people.Got a larger event planned? You might want to look at our Plympton Room, which seats up to 200 people or can hold up to 160 guests in a cocktail-style event.

Organise some festive entertainment and activities

Beyond a few rounds of drinks and a delicious Christmas meal, a memorable party should include some moments where team members can come together through an activity or other entertainment.

If you’ve done a Secret Santa numerous times already, try something a bit more engaging like a Christmas-themed trivia quiz, karaoke, or even a comedy show. Remember to refer to your list of people’s likes and dislikes to choose wisely!


Book your Christmas function now at the Tradewinds Hotel

Located in East Fremantle with sweeping waterfront views, the Tradewinds Hotel is the perfect place to host a Christmas party that will impress your guests. 

With an experienced team of hospitality staff to help you organise your event and attend to your every need throughout the event, we’ll ensure your party is a smash success.

To enquire about function venue hire or our Christmas meal specials, get in touch with our friendly team here.




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